Just say no!

We were talking about the Stanford Prison Experiment & the Milgram Experiment in sociology class today, and it made me really annoyed how we went over the concepts & didn’t really discuss anything. The way my sociology professor teaches is really annoying… She asks for definitions and examples of things and then says “Ok,” and moves onto the next term that we have to know… Like…what. There’s no point in going to class.

My environmental economics professor still isn’t back from wherever she’s gone yet, and it’s been two weeks… She has some family emergency abroad  😦 I feel bad for her, but the substitute professor is really awesome & he’s been very entertaining. We watched part of a documentary called Chasing Ice today (I really like documentaries, and I can’t wait to watch Blackfish with C). I’m starting to fall behind on the readings, so I’ll have to push myself not to have youtube playing in the background while I read… It just feels lonely not having any background noise, but at the same time, I get very distracted when I have background noise on… Maybe I’ll put on some noises from Sleep Pillow…?

I’ve been seeing VISIBLE results from exercising these past couple of days!!! Like, what?? I don’t remember the feeling of having a visible dip in my midsection — what is this?? A WAIST???? Incredible. It’s pretty interesting how people pop pills and go on juice cleanses trying to figure out what the “secret” of losing weight is when it’s not a secret at all. Burn more calories than you eat. Eat well & drink water. Go to sleep earlier. The end. My dad said that he read in the paper that going to bed later contributes to gaining weight, and I definitely believe that. For my case, DEFINITELY. Why? Because when I stay up, I start to feel hungry, and then I wander downstairs and heat up a frozen pizza, and I eat all of it, and then I fall asleep. Totally unproductive, totally didn’t use those calories for anything, so the pizza just sits in my body doing nothing useful for me…

Don’t get me wrong – I love my body. I absolutely love my body… but I want to, at the same time, put good things in it, because I deserve it, and this is the only body I’m ever going to have, so I might as well love it and take care of it. The human body can do some amazing things. I don’t want to not be able to run and dance and prance around one day. The Friendly’s chocolate ice cream I bought today on a whim beckons me… It’s in the basement, and I can hear it calling my name…. Ahh…Chocolate ice cream is so good to me…


photo (3)Froyo C bought us yesterday from Pinkberry 🙂


“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” -Tony Robbins

From this morning’s ramblings on the train:

Today is the first day of Spring semester, and the weather is beautiful! I am so excited to get started, and I’m really determined to have a good semester. I’m meeting up with T and C (who’s coming back from NJ right now!) at 2 after my calc class.

My goals for this semester are to do well in my classes, make new friends, spend more quality time with N and A, get to know people in my club better by making plans to hang out, to go swimming more/ to go on more walks with mom and dad, to drink more water (and fewer sugary drinks), and to eat better too. I’m determined to stop my cycle of depression this semester and find ways to cope with it instead of doing nothing and expecting things to change for me. I want to learn how to control these feelings of sadness so that I can be happy and so that I know what to do to get out of that funk when I find myself in it.

I’m on the train right now! Off to new beginnings 🙂 I hope you have a lovely day xo

Now, 8:51PM:
I’m finally back home! I would say that today was a successful first day of the semester. I only had one class, which is really nice, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will have 4 classes. Ouch. I might still be shuffling things around though (because I always do), so we’ll see. I have a 9AM tomorrow! Aah.

C came to visit me on campus today. We went to Fin’s, which is a sushi restaurant, and I got two California rolls and one Rock n Roll. He got his favorite – salmon friend rice. It was so nice of him to come all the way to BC. I bet he was really tired traveling from NJ. He really is the sweetest. I love spending time with him. 🙂


I just joined the Diet Bet | ShayLoss; Mommyloss Edition haha. I think that Shay Carl is an incredibly inspiring person, and you should check out his YouTube videos if you’ve never heard of him. He’s been making a video every single day for the past 4 years – can you even imagine? So, going along with the thread of motivating myself, following through, and taking care of my body, I decided to join the diet bet. What you do is put $30 in the pot, and if you reach the goal of losing 4% of your weight by the end of the month, you divide the pot up amongst everyone who also reaches the goal. They’re calling it “social dieting.” Because I am 137 pounds, and the bet is to lose 4% of your body weight, I have to lose 5.5 pounds (137*0.04). You also have to post your personal “secret word” that the site gives you, so they can decrease the chances of someone cheating. My word: Bike. Just to be clear, I’m joining the diet bet to motivate myself to eat, drink, and sleep better – it’s not about the numbers for me.


I think that 5.5 pounds is an incredibly reasonable amount of weight to lose in a month. Challenge accepted 😉