Thursday is the best day of the week.

Ah, it’s 12:25AM, but in my mind it’s still Thursday. 
I went to my aunt’s house for another Chinese New Year dinner tonight. A showed me how his cat comes running when he plays cat noises on his iPad. It was so cute and funny. She also chases around pieces of string if you dangle it in front of her. 🙂 

We watched Impractical Jokers on YouTube together, and A showed me how to make these rubber band bracelets that all of the kids are crazy about these days.. That makes me feel incredibly old oh my god haha. There have been several times these past couple of months when I’ve thought to myself, “Wow, I feel really old…” even though I know I’m not actually old at all, and in 20 years, I’ll be kicking myself for thinking I was old when I was only 20. And I’m probably really annoying people who are older than me right now. Sorry!

I wrapped up T’s presents tonight. I really love giving presents. I think it’s my love language… 🙂 I’m giving her two dresses – one long maxi dress that’s blue and yellow & my black dress with a bow tie in the back that she really loved, a pink flannel Aerie sleep…shirt thing, and Demi Lovato’s book, Staying Strong 365 Days a Year. I’m really excited to be giving it to her!!!

Damn, I totally forgot that I have a group project due in a week… I’m really honestly dreading doing this project… I know, it’s not hard, but the process of contacting people is more difficult than the project itself. How ironic. I’m going to be really relieved once this is over though. I should go to sleep early so that I can make brownies to take to our meeting tomorrow night…Goodnight. Pictures tomorrow!!!

Frustrated, Annoyed, Ugh. I hate group projects. So much.

I wonder if I’ll remember in a year how stressful running a club is… and how stressful group projects are. I guess it’s possible that at my job, I’ll have to communicate with annoying, non-responsive people on a regular basis…. Great. I hate group projects. I’d rather just do everything myself. People can be so incredibly unreliable. Today, in my chinese policy class, I had typed up a division of questions that each member could research and present for our group project, and this guy who never reached out to the rest of the group to say, Hey I’m part of your group, just said “..ok” when I asked if he was John and told him he was in our group. How completely annoying.

Ugh. He’s a student athlete.

Do I have problems with having control over things like those crazy ladies on TV? …great.

UGH! I am too frustrated and annoyed to be typing this post today.

Goodbye internet.

Just say no!

We were talking about the Stanford Prison Experiment & the Milgram Experiment in sociology class today, and it made me really annoyed how we went over the concepts & didn’t really discuss anything. The way my sociology professor teaches is really annoying… She asks for definitions and examples of things and then says “Ok,” and moves onto the next term that we have to know… Like…what. There’s no point in going to class.

My environmental economics professor still isn’t back from wherever she’s gone yet, and it’s been two weeks… She has some family emergency abroad  😦 I feel bad for her, but the substitute professor is really awesome & he’s been very entertaining. We watched part of a documentary called Chasing Ice today (I really like documentaries, and I can’t wait to watch Blackfish with C). I’m starting to fall behind on the readings, so I’ll have to push myself not to have youtube playing in the background while I read… It just feels lonely not having any background noise, but at the same time, I get very distracted when I have background noise on… Maybe I’ll put on some noises from Sleep Pillow…?

I’ve been seeing VISIBLE results from exercising these past couple of days!!! Like, what?? I don’t remember the feeling of having a visible dip in my midsection — what is this?? A WAIST???? Incredible. It’s pretty interesting how people pop pills and go on juice cleanses trying to figure out what the “secret” of losing weight is when it’s not a secret at all. Burn more calories than you eat. Eat well & drink water. Go to sleep earlier. The end. My dad said that he read in the paper that going to bed later contributes to gaining weight, and I definitely believe that. For my case, DEFINITELY. Why? Because when I stay up, I start to feel hungry, and then I wander downstairs and heat up a frozen pizza, and I eat all of it, and then I fall asleep. Totally unproductive, totally didn’t use those calories for anything, so the pizza just sits in my body doing nothing useful for me…

Don’t get me wrong – I love my body. I absolutely love my body… but I want to, at the same time, put good things in it, because I deserve it, and this is the only body I’m ever going to have, so I might as well love it and take care of it. The human body can do some amazing things. I don’t want to not be able to run and dance and prance around one day. The Friendly’s chocolate ice cream I bought today on a whim beckons me… It’s in the basement, and I can hear it calling my name…. Ahh…Chocolate ice cream is so good to me…


photo (3)Froyo C bought us yesterday from Pinkberry 🙂


“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” -Coco Chanel

I am so incredibly excited to be spending my summer in NEW YORK CITY!!!

Seriously, what a dream come true – to be a 21 year old girl spending a summer alone in NYC – okay, that sounds bad, but it’s not what you’re thinking. I’m not a big partier. I don’t drink (I have had drinks before, but I don’t treat it like a sport – therefore, I don’t “drink.”) I just can’t wait to explore, and that reminds me – I should definitely, definitely, definitely get a new lens for my Nikon D3000. This is the one that I’ve been looking at online:


Ahh. I can’t wait for the pictures I’ll be able to take with this baby… : )

I went to BU Central with C tonight. We went to the library and were able to work in silence. Then I got a turkey, lettuce, bacon, tomato panini, a side salad with pumpkin seeds & beets (I avoided the beets), and a 22 oz. pepsi. It was SO GOOD, and it was $5. C got orange chicken, fried rice, and a slice of pepperoni picture. Then he left to get a copy of my proposal for me and CAME BACK WITH FROZEN YOGURT – with strawberries, captain crunch, mochi, and strawberry popping boba. SO. GOOD. and SO. SWEET. I am the luckiest girl.

And I also showed C a picture of the engagement ring that I love from Hearts on Fire… and he approves… Atlantico, I love you!


Off to bed I go! Goodnight xoxo

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth.” -William Purkey

I caved and shopped online last night.

And I got this bikini on sale for $22 as opposed to $70+ that bikinis cost nowadays. Being a girl is so damn expensive!!

ImageI can’t wait to wear it though. I’m thinking of summer every single day… My mom is thinking of either going on a cruise this year or to Taiwan… or JAPAN! I’ve heard that Japan is a LOT of fun, and I loooooove Japanese food. 

Speaking of Japanese food, my parents and I went to The New Ginza in Watertown last night. It was SO. GOOD. I got the Ebi Mango. It was so, so incredibly good. So, if I can go to Tokyo this year, I won’t be so sad about having less time in my new bikini…NOMS

I’m starting to come to terms with my grandpa passing away. I talked about funny memories I had of my grandpa with my parents last night at dinner, and I found that talking openly about it and laughing about the good times made me feel a lot better. It makes me feel like my grandpa isn’t gone forever and that he’s still here… just in a different form. My grandpa used to go to the homeless shelter downtown to eat (he was never homeless, but he was incredibly thrifty). He would tell us how delicious the food at the shelter was… My grandpa was hilarious. Closer to the end of his life, he would give people raising money for hospitals $20 bills at a time. My mom and grandpa would fight about it, but he did it because he had a good heart. I love my grandpa so much, but I have to let go in order to live my life more fully. It hurts my heart to say it, but it’s true..


“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss

You know what I realized from yesterday? If you want to have a good day, you have to make it good. I went to the MFA with T and C yesterday. The night before that, T and I were chatting on the phone talking about what outfits we could wear to the MFA, and we decided that it would be best to wear all black.. 🙂 We were both going to wear dresses, but it ended up being way too cold. I wore two pairs of leggings, my new leather jacket, a floral shirt, and high heel black boots…Before we went, T got me FORTY free scarves. She hooked me up… big time. A club at our school sent over thousands of scarves as a sponsorship thing…and I got 40 of them. So. Awesome. After the MFA (which was really, really fun and interesting), we went to PF Chang’s together. Me and C got Hot and Sour soup (really yummy), Chicken Lettuce Wraps (really good), and Dan Dan Noodles (was okay, but it was too salty). We took lots of great pictures last night.. It was really awesome. Then I went with T on an adventure to find nude seamless undies to wear under her dress next week (FOR HER BIRTHDAY!!!! I can’t wait to celebrate with her)







I realize today after talking to Reed that I under-charge for tutoring…  I can’t believe that people pay $40+ per hour when I’m charging $20/hr… Even at $20/hr, I feel like it’s too much… I feel like I’ve realized a million times this year that I’m too nice to ever be “in power.” …I need to toughen up.

WELL, it’s the weekend. It’s Saturday. After watching tv, I’m going to do something worthwhile today. Maybe I’ll do one of those 15 minute workouts on YouTube. 

“Say what you want to say. And let the words fall out. Honestly, I want to see you be brave!” -Sara Bareilles

I absolutely cannot stand this biting cold. My blood feels like it’s freezing in my veins when I’m not wearing my dad’s heavy duty gloves. Even walking between academic buildings is a struggle… Lately, I’ve really been hating commuting to and from school. The cold is so unbearable… Speaking of school, I’ve been keeping my resolutions of talking more to people in my classes & participating more (more=more than 0 times), but I’m feeling kind of anti-social lately… I’ve got to get out of this winter funk!

I can’t wait for warmer weather… My sister brought over a pile of clothes for me to go through of hers that she wanted to donate, and I found some stuff that I used to take from her closet when I was a bit younger haha… But anyway, she gave me some cute beach cover-ups. Ahh I miss summer. I might go and visit K in Cali this spring break. Maybe… If I’m feeling daring. We had a lot of fun during the sleepover last time. I think it would be really fun to go and visit her. It’s just that I feel …strange, because all of my cousins are in close to or in their 30’s, but they often act a lot more childish than me/ are a little clueless when it comes to relationships. I know it’s so mean, but it makes me feel like there’s hope for me when I hang out with them… Awkward.

So it’s THURSDAY, and this is my favorite day of the week, because Thursday gives me so much anticipation for Friday and the rest of the weekend. It’s not even that I have these great magnificent plans for the weekend, but the anticipation of possibly doing something grand and magnificent is really exciting. I think it’s like Christmas Eve – the build-up of excitement.

I went to the library at Central to meet up with C yesterday night. He had gone home to shower after his classes at 1, and I didn’t think he would be coming back… Plus, Central is pretty far away by train from his house, but he ended up coming back around 4:30, and I’m really glad that he did. I feel like hanging out with him stress-free rejuvenated our relationship quite a bit. I love just being silly with C sometimes… Note to self: Don’t take life too seriously. It will all be over one day, so feel free to be loud, and silly, and say what you really feel. I’m still working on that last bit – saying how I really feel..



p.s. this is my dream ring.